A change in emphasis: understanding the terms and conditions of today’s savvy employees

A change in emphasis: understanding the terms and conditions of today’s savvy employees

With research from leading recruitment agency Monster showing that 95% of employees are actively considering leaving their jobs (Source: Business Insider.com) there’s absolutely no doubt that we’re starting to witness a major shift in the traditional employer/employee relationship.

Not so long ago, job applicants would have been so pleased to be offered a new role that they wouldn’t have paid much attention to the terms and conditions attached.

So long as they could feel fulfilled and receive a monthly pay-cheque which would help pay the mortgage, that would be enough.

But in today’s fast-moving work environment, there are now so many more considerations.

In fact, it seems that pure job satisfaction is no longer enough.

Today’s savvy employees are a much more demanding breed.

They know their rights. They know what to expect from employers to create a sensible work life balance, and they’re very much tuned into their own emotional and mental health demands.

Realising that they need to stand apart if they wish to attract the best candidates and become an employee of choice, it’s not surprising therefore that many modern employers think outside the box when it comes to employee retention.

Some of the most commonly-adopted practices by those bosses who don’t just see their colleagues as pawns in their final endgame, but as an essential and valuable part of their overall business strategies, include:

Understand the five pillars of wellbeing

These are:

  • Mental and emotional wellbeing – create environments where people can be themselves and support their mental health issues.
  • Social wellbeing -promote collaboration and create opportunities for connection and relationship building.
  • Financial wellbeing –reduce the stigma around money pressures, and provide education, support, and tools to help with finance management.
  • Physical wellbeing -support employees to make positive physical health choices and introduce schemes and initiatives to help.
  • Digital wellbeing -create environments where technology can improve working methods and ensure everyone receives the best possible training and resources.

Ensure senior leaders support and act as role models

Any communication about your wellbeing programme should highlight that senior leaders care about employee wellbeing to show staff that they’re valued at all levels of the business.

Understand your employees’ needs

To support your employee’s health and wellbeing, ensure you talk to your employees to understand what they want from a wellbeing programme. Find out what they’re worried about, any problems or concerns that come up during the day, and what they need support with.

Conduct a survey or questionnaire or gather up a panel of employees across different departments and levels.

Employee benefits

With us spending almost a third of our lives at work, the best employers know there’s more to life than work and jobs.

They need to consider employee benefits – an all-in-one solution to build long-lasting connections between a company and its employees. Connections which help businesses retain their best employees and attract the best talents the workforce has to offer.

Recognition platforms

No one likes to feel unappreciated at work – and creating a culture where achievement and success are central is essential for becoming an employer people really want to work for.

Indeed, appreciating a job well done drives positive behaviours – and incorporates peer-to-peer recognition.

There’s no time more important than now to stop and consider how the wellbeing of your staff is paramount to your company’s success.

The pandemic massively accelerated a topic that was already on the tips of business owners’ tongues. Corporations have started to realise that workplace culture and employee wellbeing is fundamental in breeding an effective and efficient workforce.

Having a healthy and motivated workforce WILL result in better staff retention, productivity and absenteeism.

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