Acupuncture: How Can it Benefit Your Workplace?

Acupuncture: How Can it Benefit Your Workplace?

Nagging headaches, mental stress, persistent lower back pain.  Workplace ailments are many and varied.  Lots of businesses suffer from absenteeism, and productivity in the UK continues to be a challenge. So can adopting a firm strategy for promoting the health and wellbeing of employees have clear economic imperatives?

For many organisations, this might be stating the obvious.  What may be less clear is that there are alternative ways of helping people suffering from workplace ailments.  One of these is acupuncture.


Health and Lifestyle

“What should be clear is that health outside the workplace affects health inside it.  Also, how employees look after themselves has to be about the hours they spend away from work,” explains Emma Guy, from Cheshire-based Acupuncture That Works.

Emma sees the issue as one of aligning health and lifestyles. So while there may be specific health issues to look at, there are also things like diet and exercise to consider.

“Acupuncture can help with lifestyle, when used to address issues like cigarette craving, or providing relief from digestive conditions,” she points out.  “It works through stimulating the nervous system, allowing the release of neurochemicals, which in turn promote a chemical change in the body.”


“The results from acupuncture include improved physical and mental wellbeing,without the intrusiveness of certain medications and the side effects that come with them.”

Emma Guy, Acupuncture That Works


Acupuncture at Work

In the workplace many people suffer from a deficit of energy and with this, an inability to concentrate and an overall lack of mental agility. Back pain and repetitive strain injury are also common complaints.


“Workplaces are not always the most stimulating, or even healthy, environments, despite the efforts they make.  Inadequate lighting, poor diet, bad posture when seated.  All these things can have a knock-on effect and lead to increased sickness absences.”

Emma Guy, Acupuncture That Works


Acupuncture can help with many of these issues, from headache relief to repetitive stress, and pain in the neck and hands.

“How people live and work affects their health,” Emma says. “Along with making long-term changes, acupuncture can alleviate many symptoms and, in the process, it can boost energy levels and enhance mental clarity.”

Health is linked to happiness and productivity, which makes it both a people and a business issue. When it comes to solutions, businesses and their employees might consider looking at alternative solutions like acupuncture.

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Only trained and licensed acupuncture practitioners should carry out acupuncture treatments. Always look for an ATCM-approved acupuncturist.