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All Points North Suggests Motivation Rethink During COVID-19

All Points North Suggests Motivation Rethink During COVID-19

Team engagement, and many team incentives, involve some form of social interaction. While social distancing has thrown a lot of these out, your duty as a manager is still in. And those in hospitality need that support above all else.

Your employees are wondering what happens once the furlough scheme ends. They are scared their job isn’t safe. They are fearing for the health and wellbeing of their families.

If you are trying to motivate your hospitality staff throughout this difficult period, why is it imperative that you take a more human-centric approach?

Same Old Same Old

“While being human-centric comes with the job description for HR Managers, it is should not be forgotten for those that fall into the patterns of that’s how things are done around here,” explains Nick Wagg, from corporate destination management company, All Points North.

“Perhaps that used to be the case, but while your staff are likely furloughed they still need your engagement.”

This goes beyond Zoom calls.

“Encourage a stream of dialogue,” suggests Nick, “whether it’s access to outreach and counselling programmes, or scheduled telephone calls with individuals.

They need to know that you’re there.

Encourage Personal Development

“All those refresher courses and e-learning modules, that have sat gathering dust, now come to the fore.”

“While investment in new training might not be top priority, you can make the most of the resources available to you.”

“Alternatively, if you don’t have internal resources, seek out free or low-cost training courses to keep your staff teams occupied.”

Give Your Team a Purpose During Planning

“Priorities have shifted. Some people are still home-schooling their kids, or just trying to make the best of their home life,” continues Nick. “But they still need to feel like part of the team.”

“While your staff need to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, it is important that you send out regular communications detailing the changes that are going to take place. on the journey to the new normal.

The Best Policy?

“Above all, be honest to your team,” suggests Nick.

“An honest manager is a trusted one, so if finances are looking difficult right now, let them know, but assure them you’re doing everything you can.”

Also remind them that they are your biggest asset, and when this is all over, you’ll reward them for their ongoing commitments.

There’s nothing like a crisis to demonstrate the difference between a boss and a leader

Nick Wagg, All Points North

“By taking each employee into consideration, you can push your whole team forward,” Nick concludes. “And of course, the All Points North team will be here to help you with that.”

HR Aspects Magazine appreciates Nick Wagg’s contribution.

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