Applicant tracking: how to choose the right software for your business

Instead of using recruitment agencies, many in house HR departments are turning to direct resourcing, and with this, are installing an e-recruitment system.

There are a few providers of software systems, including e-recruitment software company, Jobtrain Solutions. With their help, we have put together some hints and tips to selecting the right software for your business.

The first point to note is that, on the face of it, many providers seem to offer the same thing. However they do vary greatly in size of business, length of terms, range of functionality and the services that they offer.

Do your homework

Before looking at an applicant tracking system, it is well worthwhile doing your homework and analyzing your own internal processes – which parts work well and which could work better.

Flexibility of the solution

Is the software you are looking at inherently inflexible in how you want it to work? Does it support your existing systems, so that there is no radical need to change the way you work, whilst improving the ways in which you need to work better?

Standard or added value

Is the Solution available a standard solution in its own right, or are you able to add functionality?

Internal structure changes

Be mindful of the future and examine how much it will cost to add on functions.

HR Aspects spoke with Giles Heckstall-Smith, Commercial Director at Jobtrain. He explained: “Dependent on a company’s budget, a standard system will be chosen without much thought about the future. It is worthwhile looking at how the company intends to grow and what other functions the system is likely to need, so that you can ask the system provider whether added functionality is possible and what costs are likely to be in the future.”

Giles added: “We are happy to talk with any employer who is looking to enhance the way they handle their recruitment process”


What support is on offer, for example, is there a helpline? And is this extended and available to candidates, so that they too can get technical assistance, should they need it?


Does the system you are looking at use decent technology or do you find it too hard to use, and again is their intuitive training support given?


Personal data is a company’s responsibility, so how secure is the system you are going to be using? Is the data control system SSL (secure socket layer) protected? A standard to watch out for is ISO27001 – which is usually a good indicator that personal data will be protected.


Is the software provider prepared to share their client base so that you can ask customers directly what they think of the system?

Giles Heckstall-Smith has been a specialist in advising on direct sourcing and implementing effective applicant tracking systems with Jobtrain Solutions for 10 years and is an expert in his field. For more information, contact Jobtrain via Tel: 01565 818234 or E-Mail:

Managing a tender process for
Applicant Tracking Systems

According to a survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, 62% of all purchasers now use a tendering process to select their suppliers. So this paper, explores:

  • Tender ProcessHow to manage the procurement process in a successful, collaborative fashion that adopts best practice and complies with the necessary regulations
  • Using the right strategy in choosing an Applicant Tracking Systems
  • How to avoid frustrations in the tendering process

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