Are you an entrepreneur at heart? Finding out what makes a great freelancer!

FreelancerA recent poll conducted by the membership body for freelancers, the PCG, has found that some 80% of freelancers consider that possessing an entrepreneurial spirit is key to achieving success in the contracting and freelancing market.

In a growing and vibrant sector, it is this quality that drives people to success.

Freelancers remarked on how an ‘entrepreneurial’ spirit has less to do with the media driven vision of the concept, as embodied by BBC One’s The Apprentice show, but more to do with the ability to spot and exploit opportunity, and to do so independently.

Spotting and developing potential were high amongst the values many freelancers held dear and considered the key performance indicators of anyone looking to make a success of the freelance and contracting sectors. Freelancers see themselves often as the UK’s small business army, working hard to help themselves by transforming the fortunes of others along the way.

Mike Lee, Sales Director of PayMatters, a company that helps contractors manage their payroll and taxation issues and he gave us his thoughts on what it takes to be a great freelancer: ”Well good advice for a start! We work with contractors and freelancers and provide expert payroll and tax advice that allows them peace of mind to focus on delivering their high-quality services to clients nationwide.”

Mike continued “With that kind of security they can then develop as their own operations and harness the energy that entrepreneurs often possess: that drive to do their very best and surpass client expectation. We see this so often with contractors and freelancers who have solidified their base in terms of how they run their businesses, which puts them ahead of the game when it comes to offering a great service.”

PayMatters are APSCo accredited, professional passport approved and are business partners with the Institute Of Recruiters (IOR). PayMatters pride themselves on being fully HMRC compliant from an employers and employees NI, PAYE and expense perspective. For further information please contact Mike Lee, Sales Director on 07769 934842,