Blue Monday – Can SuperAchievers turn it around?

Blue Monday – Can SuperAchievers turn it around?

PD Profile Photo-HappyAs Blue Monday arrives, it’s revealed that there is a positive neurological chemical reaction that comes from helping others. We have all been urged to tap into this, particularly on Blue Monday, to help turn a traditionally sombre day around.

Working with happiness expert Paul Dolan, Professor of Behavioural Science at the London School of Economics who is also bestselling author of ‘Happiness By Design’, Pitman Training learned that helping to support others and doing something proactive to improve someone else’s life can make us happier and potentially also improve our brain power.

Alongside industry experts and bloggers and publishers, Pitman Training is calling for us to all show our philanthropic values to help us boost our mood on Blue Monday.

As they appeal for nominations for SuperAchievers across the globe, the team wants to rally the nation into a positive outlook. Hoping they gain from doing something nice for a friend, colleague or family member.

Paul said: “The brain is malleable, just like other organs. Experiences of pleasure and purpose
can literally make changes your brain. Giving back allows us to be our happiest selves. Helping other people, fundamentally gives us both pleasure and purpose during this experience.”

Recognising top young achievers, business newcomers, working mums and PA’s, Pitman Training’s SuperAchievers relies on nominations from friends and colleagues to uncover some of the most deserving, yet inconspicuous members of the British workforce. Nominations are now open and entries can be submitted for free via

Claire Lister Pitman Training MD said: “Helping people to help others is a really powerful way of breeding positivity. We hope uncovering inspiring career stories will also encourage people who are unhappy at work to believe that they too can make positive changes”.

Claire continued: “As the nation returned to work in 2016 many workers will have been dreading the 9-5. Many people analyse their situations at this time of year and we want to reverse this from being often a negative process, to a positive one.

Pitman Training is passionate about showcasing and supporting those who love their jobs and telling the stories of how they have got there, in a bid to inspire others feeling a little low on Blue Monday, that change is always possible.

Previous nominations have highlighted lives that have been transformed and we have been truly inspired by some of these success stories”.

SuperAchievers Awards showcase those who tirelessly work to achieve their professional and financial goals, often overcoming adversity to support their families and work towards their dreams. Employers, colleagues and friends are called on to nominate their SuperAchievers.

As part of the campaign activity the shortlisted nominees will be profiled on social media, and showcased internationally to Pitman Training’s global audience.

Pitman Training offers flexible, tailor-made courses and qualifications with one-on-one student support in subjects including Office, IT, Administration, Finance and Business, which are recognised by employers. The teams also offer free career clinics and CVs advice.

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