How Could Your Perspective Impact Business Change? An Interview with Mark Cushway

How Could Your Perspective Impact Business Change? An Interview with Mark Cushway

A key benefit of bringing in a coach is how this can give you a fresh viewpoint about your enterprise.

Sometimes, business owners and leaders find it difficult to step back from everything and take time to think strategically about the bigger picture.

Mark Cushway, leadership coach and entrepreneur, explains how helping to alter someone’s perspective can lead to positive a business change.


Are You A Victim of Circumstance?

“Responsibilities can weigh heavy in business, where inspired leadership falls victim to a series of distractions and fire-fighting issues.  This can lead to a stark view of things as very much black and white, where everything is an obstacle.”

“It comes from a feeling of being stuck, where a kind of inertia sets in because making a business change feels too difficult in the face of everyday tasks.”

How should you move forward, to develop the necessary vision to make your business grow and thrive?

“This is the value of gaining a fresh viewpoint, from an outside perspective, but crucially, a view that’s backed up with business experience and insight. That’s what the right leadership coaching can offer you.”


The Confidence to Change

“What comes from shining a different light on your business? A different perspective can help change how you see things, and give you the confidence to change.”

Affirmation and reassurance are powerful things, and both, when applied to business leadership, can help build, or restore, confidence.


“Seeing the bigger picture can help clarify what drives you, and help to hone your leadership qualities”

Mark Cushway


This might not even be a case of developing fresh thinking, but uncovering qualities that were always there, but buried under the pressures of working in a business rather than on it.

“Confidence comes from having the space to think more broadly about where things fit together, and understanding what’s been missing or overlooked.”


What Does Change Look Like?

First comes a change in outlook, then a change in outcome.  However, this is also about managing expectations. Transformation is unlikely to be immediately dramatic, but rather more incremental.

“Think in terms of marginal gains. These are the kind of changes which resonate and leave a legacy.”


“What transformative business leadership can do is help effect business change through measurable shifts that, collectively, will add up to something quite profound”

Mark Cushway


“The important thing is a change of mindset in the first place,” Mark concludes. “This will then mean that you are pushing at an open door, not finding yourself pressed up against the wall.”

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