Business Owners: Can Stories Revolutionise Your Workforce?

Business Owners: Can Stories Revolutionise Your Workforce?

M3 Media Publishing recently hosted one of their regular Business Connection events, in conjunction with RBS, Future Williams and Glyn Commercial Banking Group in Manchester.

In addition to building and developing quality connections, one of the aims of these invitation-only events is to provide stimulating, interactive, discussions on aspects of business growth.

The guest speaker for one of this event was Andrew Thorp, of . An accomplished and very engaging speaker, Andrew has worked with companies such as Coca Cola and Unilever. As an award-winning presenter, he speaks at numerous international corporate events.

The Impact of Stories

Andrew focused on the value of stories and how they can help businesses and their workforce embrace and deliver the corporate beliefs and messages to a wider audience.

“One of the under-valued and under-appreciated aspects of telling stories is the impact that is has within businesses and, more importantly, the workforce,” explains Andrew Thorp. “When the workforce share stories they can become more aware of their contribution to the business by linking their micro effects to the bigger picture”

The Poole Dick Way

Stephen Connolly, Managing Director of, construction management company, Poole Dick Associates, shared his story with the attendees of how working with Andrew Thorp had revolutionised his business and his workforce.

“Part of our strategy with Andrew was to develop our 2020 Vision – that construction management should be done The Poole Dick Way,” said Stephen. “There was some scepticism to begin with but the team is ahead of our 2020 schedule and are seeing the results of their personal and organisational changes.”

“The impact of those changes has meant that our team is more socially aware and are finding it easier to do and win business. We are also attracting talent and being noticed more by our peers,” concluded Stephen.

We use the verbs ‘Hoover‘ and ‘Google‘ in our vocabulary every day, rather than ‘vacuum clean’ and ‘internet search’. By 2020 could ‘The Poole Dick Way‘ be synonymous with construction management excellence?


HR Aspects Magazine would like to thank Andrew Thorp for his contribution to this article. You can read his LinkedIn post about this subject/event .

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