Why Should People be at the Heart of Your Business Strategies?

Why Should People be at the Heart of Your Business Strategies?

People are a business’ most valuable asset, and their brains are their most valuable and versatile business tool.

Mark Cushway, leadership coach and visionary entrepreneur, discusses the importance of integrating coaching into business strategies to help develop the people that matter.


Are You Lost?

“Business strategies are only as good as the people behind them, and the people enacting them, therefore it makes sound business sense to invest in their development.”

Not ensuring that this happens comes with risks, including burn out. Where key employees in leadership roles can no longer lead effectively, then the business will falter and lose direction.


“Business objectives depend on direction, and if the mindset for this is lacking, then the strategy will suffer,  therefore, wellbeing must be a key component in successful business strategies, even if it is not normally seen as a driver of profit or investment”

Mark Cushway


“How people in a business think and feel should be integral to how it achieves its overall objectives, especially when it comes to leadership.”

In fact, coaching is no longer just regarded as a remedial measure, but is instead seen as a proactive one.

“It’s no longer the case that businesses bring in external support when they spot a problem. Now they are starting to recognise the value in building leadership skills from the foundations up and getting the right professional support in early.”


Making the Process Work

Leadership and management are intertwined, but they involve different skills.

“To an extent, coaching is about transforming managers into leaders by changing how they think about themselves and others. This means developing leaders within an existing management structure, but in such a way that it is firmly embedded in the culture.”

While coaching for leadership is a form of intervention, it works as part of a business strategy, so that the leaders it develops understand the objectives they will be working towards.


“The idea is that good leadership should feel natural to the business or organisation, and part of its culture and brand values”

Mark Cushway


Effective coaching means demonstrating the benefits to people so that they can see the improvement for themselves.  What difference could it make to your business?

To discover how you can use coaching to build value, and help your business deliver its objectives and meet its goals, please contact Mark Cushway or visit markcushway.com.


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