Is Business Travel Bad For Your Health?

Is Business Travel Bad For Your Health?

Frequent business travellers are no strangers to the stresses of being on the road or the tiredness of constant flying around the globe.

The health dangers of stress and tiredness include high blood pressure, weight gain and difficulty concentrating. But did you know that travelling carries its own set of health risks?

Studies have shown that people who travel for business are less healthy than those whose jobs do not require them to be on the road or in the air.

ExtraVitality are travel health professionals who help companies to enhance their employees’ wellbeing by encouraging changes in travel procedures as well as advising travelling employees.

HR Aspects Magazine spoke with their founder, Kathy Lewis, who advises, “ExtraVitality aims to reduce the long-term health effects of business travel through more inclusive business travel management and supportive employee assistance programmes”.

“To help organisations maximise their profits while enhancing employee wellbeing, we undertake Travel Health Audit services. This enables us to find ways in which the organisation can support travelling employees better. This includes looking at regular routes for company-specific travel and to find suppliers, such as hotel and transport operators, who provide healthier products and services”.

“Advice to employees is then integrated within various employee-centred products and services, including workshops, seminars, internal communications, employee engagement initiatives and reviews. These assist employees with travel preparation so they can make informed decisions on their travels”.

With systems, adopted by ExtraVitality, businesses can reduce the long-term effects of business travel while improving profitability. By enabling employees to become more travel savvy they can ensure that business travel is not putting staff in danger of poor health and safety.


HR Aspects would like to thank Kathy Lewis for her contribution to this article.

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