Businesswomen: How Can Care Support Beat Stress?

Businesswomen: How Can Care Support Beat Stress?

What happens when your commitments are never-ending? “Overwhelm” has become a noun in therapeutic circles for a reason.  Stress is on the rise and when it comes to middle-aged women, they’re 67 per cent more likely to suffer from it than men their equivalent age.

Work itself can be stressful as we work longer hours with less job security. But what if our commitments outside our working lives were just as stressful? Judith Green, Managing Director of , in Haydock, points out that a growing proportion of middle-aged businesswomen are now carers for elderly relatives.

“We do a lot of work in the care sector”, Judith says, “so we see the effects first-hand. Often women who run businesses will have to juggle the pressures and responsibilities of work with those involving caring for someone elderly”.

In the UK we have an ageing population and, at the same time, the pressures of work can be unrelenting. These factors coming together can have devastating results for those at the sharp end. This is why Judith Green has decided to take some action of her own.

Having started a support group, Judith is initially using social media as her platform to reach out to others. She is also developing a comprehensive course where the emphasis will be on the key areas of;

  • Positive thinking
  • Time management
  • Health and wellbeing


“There are lots of people looking after the elderly and struggling with their commitments,” concludes Judith.  “My aims include providing the kind of support to help prevent them from burning out through stress and feeling overwhelmed by the situation they’ve found themselves in, as well as enabling carers to monitor and look after their own wellbeing”.

Hopefully, Judith will prove to be a vital element in preventing the onset of stress among women who are having to deal with so many different work and domestic or family commitments at the same time.

HR Aspects Magazine appreciates Judith Green’s contribution to this article.