Can Cloud Computing Boost Productivity?

Can Cloud Computing Boost Productivity?

Both the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the Bank of England have voiced concerns over the UK’s persistently weak record on productivity.

The ONS refers to an “unprecedented absence” of growth, while the Bank of England calls it the “productivity puzzle”. Analysis remains inconclusive about the causes. The fact is that the UK workforce’s productivity is lower than it was when recorded in 2007. So what are the possible solutions?

Why Choose Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is increasingly recognised as being able to boost companies’ productivity and efficiency in numerous ways. It is well-suited to responding to the kind of demands being made in today’s challenging business climate.

We should all recognise that weak productivity continues to be a problem, but we should also be looking at what we can do about it.

In key business areas, Cloud Computing offers businesses opportunities and advantages.

Moving to the cloud can expiate any nagging IT problems that would have been time-consuming and costly when originally managed on-site.

A cloud IT provider will also be able to give assurances around data security and business continuity. That bolsters a firm’s structural makeup, ensuring that it also complies with industry compliances.

Cloud computing provides a scaleable networking and communications model. It keeps the workforce connected and allowing for remote and off-site working.

With this increased flexibility comes the potential for far greater business agility, including;

• responding to customer demands or business opportunities quicker
• the ease of managing and protecting customer data
• the ease of managing big data

Cloud computing offers a range of different solutions that can be applied and adapted to the specific needs of any business. It can do its bit to help solve this country’s “Productivity Puzzle”.

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