Candid HR Guides Businesses on the Road to the New Normal

Candid HR Guides Businesses on the Road to the New Normal

To say there’s been a lot of legislative change recently would be an understatement. The road to national recovery will only bring about more changes to employment law and the way businesses operate.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, and as we endure the varying degrees of lockdown measures, many companies are being forced to adapt to the ‘new normal’, which is an arduous and overbearing task.

“Businesses are not only needing to assist employees in finding new ways of working but they also need to plan ahead, both financially and logistically – whilst working through all the red tape,” explains Emma Harvey, Founder of Candid HR.

“It is imperative to not only understand what’s going on with employment law, but how these changes can affect your businesses.”

What’s Going On?

“Employment law typically changes every few months but, in respect of Coronavirus legislation, right now it’s changing every other week,” continues Emma. “It is difficult to keep up with those changes and stay on the right side of the law.”

Take the government’s furlough scheme for instance, something which many companies are taking advantage of in order to relieve financial pressures brought on by COVID-19.

“Since lockdown, the government has regularly updated the furlough legislation, but the winding down of the scheme is likely to bring some confusion to employers and employees alike”

Emma Harvey, Candid HR

“If businesses don’t furlough correctly, they may be asked to repay some of the money they received from the government, by which point we may be in the midst of a national, or even global recession,” warns Emma.

Additionally, HMRC are currently seeking additional powers to pursue those who have made fraudulent claims through the courts.

Stay in the Loop

To support businesses during these difficult times, Candid HR is running free, fortnightly, webinars on employment legislation to help keep people updated with the changes in legislation.

In addition to this, Emma and the team have run other free webinars focusing on mental health and employee engagement.

“We want to help people through this challenging period by helping to navigate where they are right now and ensuring they are well positioned to come out stronger on the other side,” Emma concludes.

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