How Can You Care For Your Travelling Workforce?

How Can You Care For Your Travelling Workforce?

Travelling is essential. But, more importantly, travel health and wellbeing is critical to the success of every business.

Good companies know and understand that their employees are their biggest asset, so having a clear strategic plan to tackle travel health and wellbeing issues can only add value to any business or HR strategy.

is the founder of executive travel health specialists, . She explains, “Through extensive research, expertise and a genuinely clear understanding of nutrition, physical and mental health, ExtraVitality is showing companies that there truly is an alternative that works”.


About ExtraVitality

ExtraVitality’s expanding team of highly-educated registered nutritionists, dieticians, psychologists, physiotherapists and health promotion specialists work with companies to ensure that their travelling workforce doesn’t feel worn out.

At ExtraVitality’s regular workshops or in-house training, frequent travellers are taught how to maintain their health, how to secure and sustain a work/life balance and, most importantly, how to ensure that they don’t burn out.

“We have Employee Assistance Programmes and employee benefit schemes, which companies can use to assist new joining employees whose roles entail travelling. They are also beneficial to existing employees who may have been identified as needing more support during a performance review”, continues Kathy.

In addition to providing expert advice, ExtraVitality also help with company policies and procedures.

Kathy explains, “We aid companies in putting together a quantitative assessment of their workplace travel strategy, keeping their staff happy and retaining long-term relationships. Our unique training days and travel health checks give businesses and entrepreneurs a blueprint that they can use to shape the overall travel health of their organisation”.

“We believe that this is the future of business longevity and that it is the key to executive vitality”, concludes Kathy


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