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Candid HR helps businesses to their new normal

Candid HR Guides Businesses on the Road to the New Normal

To say there’s been a lot of legislative change recently would be an understatement. The road to national recovery will only bring about...

CCTV in the workplace

Are You CCTV Compliant for Employee Surveillance?

Employers may need to monitor their employees in the workplace using CCTV for several legitimate reasons. These include: ensuring that...

gender friendly

Are Your Business Systems Truly Gender Friendly?

A YouGov survey has revealed that: A third of LGBT people have concealed their identities in the workplace 35% of LGBT employees fear...

Melissa Whiting

Melissa Whiting Reveals PMI’s Approach to Closing the Gender Gap

PMI, Philip Morris International, is a multinational company looking to transform its brand and what it represents. This kind of profound...

sole trader contractors

Should Contractors Avoid Sole Trader Status to Succeed?

As a starting point, becoming a sole trader is a straightforward route towards working for yourself. However, for many contractors, being a...