CCTV: Increasing Sophistication Needs Trained Operators

CCTV: Increasing Sophistication Needs Trained Operators

The value of CCTV is growing, particularly as the technology behind systems gets more sophisticated.

Using CCTV provides bottom-line financial benefits and improves the overall security operation. Systems can combat property damage and theft, encourage employee honesty and can provide evidence for incidents including those involving health and safety.

To achieve real results from the systems it is crucial that operators understand not only the technology, but their responsibilities in using it. This is particularly relevant as the Home Office has introduced the new Surveillance Camera Code of Practice which brings greater scrutiny to the skills of CCTV operators.

HR Aspects Magazine had the pleasure of speaking with Mark Longden of Extreme Security. He explains, “CCTV is a deterrent and has a crucial role to play in stopping crime and recoding evidence. As the technology moves forward it is important that operators keep their training up to date and understand what can be achieved using CCTV correctly.

“The correct use of CCTV can improve overall efficiency and provide a real return on investment while, in the right locations, create a safer environment. It is important that operatives are supported with the right training and vital if they are to be accredited by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

“Training encourages operatives and can be the stepping stone towards further qualifications. The HABC Level 2 award, for example, can open the door towards NVQs which are important in underpinning the improving standards in the CCTV and security industry.”

Extreme Security provides a range of courses relating to the security industry and has been granted accreditation by Highfield, the awarding body for compliance.

HR Aspects Magazine would like to thank Mark Longden for his contribution to this article.

For more information on CCTV Training Courses, contact Mark Longden directly at Extreme Security on 0844 277 2502.