CIPD Appoints New Ambassador for HR and People Development

CIPD Appoints New Ambassador for HR and People Development

The international body for HR and people development, CIPD, has announced its new president. The professional body that promotes better work and working lives has elected Sir Cary Cooper CBE to succeed existing president, Gill Rider CB.

CIPD is a not-for-profit organisation, with a 140,000 worldwide membership. It sets benchmarks for organisational development and provides professional leadership. It is also involved in research, and offers training courses and accreditation for HR professionals.

Sir Cary Cooper CBE is a renowned and enormously respected academic. He has produced pioneering research into health and wellbeing in the workplace and provided invaluable insights in the field of HR and people development. He has published over 120 books on a wide range of subjects that include stress and industrial psychology.

Sir Cary was elected as president at CIPD’s Annual General Meeting on 15 December. This role is the most senior non-executive position in the organisation, specifically to support them by promoting the importance of good people management and development.

Sir Cary has established links to CIPD through issues on wellbeing and the creation of better workplaces. In fact he opened its Annual Conference with a keynote speech on mental capital and workplace wellbeing.

CIPD’s CEO, Peter Cheese, had this to say about the organisation’s new president, “Cary’s passion for wellbeing in the workplace is second to none. We are delighted that he has accepted the role of CIPD president”.

“The CIPD has long championed how employee well-being is key to building high performing, productive workplaces“, Sir Cary commented. “I am delighted to be given the chance to work with the CIPD and its members to move this important agenda forward”.

CIPD and the Future

Sir Cary’s appointment reiterates CIPD’s commitment to employee wellbeing and the importance of HR occupying a central position when it comes to the rapidly changing nature of work, with the consequent challenges to organisations and their employees.

CIPD and its new president, Sir Cary Cooper, see the importance of understanding the future of work and workplaces and are making this a key strategic element in their agenda to continuously promote, and in doing so, improve the world of work.