Concierge Service: How Valuable is Giving Back Time?

Concierge Service: How Valuable is Giving Back Time?

While people are very much a valuable resource to business, it is often time that employees themselves value most.

For many of us, time is in short supply, and the time available to us complete essential tasks feels limited.

“What happens when we don’t have enough time?” asks Greg Searle MBE, Chief Innovation Officer for Keys Business Concierge. “One big problem is that the division between work and home time blurs. We bring stress home with us, and we end up missing out on life.”

Even low-key but significant moments can be affected.


“Imagine pushing your kids on the swings in the park while answering a series of pressing business emails on your mobile at the same time.  How present are you in that moment, or are you too stretched?”

Greg Searle MBE, Keys Business Concierge


If time is so valuable, how can we make the most of it, and, crucially, how can employers help their employees do this?


Workplace Satisfaction and Time

Money alone cannot buy happiness. This is not just a philosophical question: it impacts on workplace satisfaction, and on employee retention.

Knowing how pay stacks up against other elements of workplace satisfaction can mean the difference between a motivated and productive workforce and one that is not. One such element is time.

Research quoted in Personnel Today suggests that UK employees waste the equivalent of 400 million days a year on unnecessary office tasks. These include too many emails, admin and attending meetings that go on too long.

Time and how we spend it is a big part of our culture, both in and out of the workplace.


Giving Back Time

“We often waste time, even though it’s a valuable resource,” Greg points out. “Everyone has the same amount, and every minute is unique.”

What Greg argues, is that a culture of reward can work with time just as well, if not more effectively than with money.


“Giving back time both rewards and enables employees.  A business concierge service  can make someone’s day-to-day working day easier, and improve their whole work-life balance”

Greg Searle MBE, Keys Business Concierge


“A business concierge service can work on much more of a universal level, rather than as something restricted to the privileged few,” Greg explains.

“What if you, through a dedicated concierge service, helped book a meal for an employee and their partner, or sorted out concert tickets, or arranged holiday flights?” asks Greg.  “This is in addition to providing key support for their work needs. If you had help organising not just their day, but their life, this would have lasting value.”

“Any employer with a culture that demonstrates this kind of investment in employees is more likely to both attract and retain talent,” concludes Greg.

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