Content Marketing: How to Make Boring Topics Interesting

Content Marketing: How to Make Boring Topics Interesting

The growth of social media and content marketing has provided the opportunity for businesses to give themselves a distinct personality, distinguish them from their competitors and build influence within their sector.

Andrew Thorp, Co-Founder and Director of , a training company specialising in business communication skills, believes that social media’s ability to allow organisations to tell their ‘corporate story’ means it has a vital role to play in the marketing mix:

“The concept of ‘in-bound’ marketing – drawing prospects towards your business – is seen by marketing experts as a way to engage with your market. For it to be successful you need to provide content, be it on your website, through a blog or creating case studies.

“Finding and developing the right stories around a business enables the building of influence and can provide benefit. This content tells your corporate story.”

Andrew works with clients to help them develop the skills to tell the corporate story and communicate the distinct personality of their business.

“There are always great stories to be found in, and around, a business. The trick is to find the story behind the bare facts looking at the context in which the events occurred which can show, for example, how a great piece of service brought benefits to a customer,” Andrew adds.

“It is important to think more laterally, find those stories and learn how to tell them well. This will help you to get savvy with social media and build your influence and pulling power. If you do that well, you’ll be ahead of most of your rivals!”

Mojo Your Business has been working with a variety of private and public sector organisations in developing their story telling. This includes KPMG, Unilever, General Medical Council and the Academy of Chief Executives.

offers a range of communication services including public speaking and presentation skills, presentation design, creating website copy and corporate video. For more information contact Andrew Thorp on 07968 083376.