Ellie McKay Faces Fears on Her Journey Towards a Personal Brand

Ellie McKay Faces Fears on Her Journey Towards a Personal Brand

Skydives probably aren’t the best idea for those with a fear of heights. For Ellie McKay, that’s just one junction on the road to success.

“I want to show my daughter she can achieve anything,” says Ellie, who recently beat her stage fright and spoke in front of 400 people. “My daughter says courage doesn’t mean you get scared. You just get scared and do it regardless.”

After conquering public speaking, she’s now set to jump out of a plane, and recently got up close and personal with her biggest terror – snakes.

Facing Fears

Fear is a dirty word for property investor Ellie, who runs Doncaster-based Combined Property Ltd. In a world rife with economic scaremongering, she doesn’t let the media faze her.

“The truth is, investors aren’t interested in things like Brexit. They’re looking at the bigger picture: the global economy.”

“Now is a great time to invest. As Warren Buffet says, be greedy when others are fearful, and fearful when others are greedy”

Ellie McKay, Combined Property Ltd

So how does this no-nonsense approach affect Ellie’s personal brand?

Combined Property was built off the back of two years of personal hardship. Before the company was established, Ellie was battling post-natal depression, family illness, and the near collapse of her electrical business.

“2016 was our rock bottom. My husband and I nearly lost our business, Combined Electrical Solutions, and I’d been made redundant. We decided it was now or never to go it alone.”

While personal issues may have catalysed Combined Property, Ellie says she’s always got a kick out of proving people wrong.

It’s all about mindset. I believe in the law of attraction and I’ve always been entrepreneurial.”

The Road to Success

Pairing that unwavering spirit with straight-talking is evidently key to success.

While others may use LinkedIn with trepidation, she puts out a consistent stream of well-intentioned, honest posts. Some may raise a few eyebrows, but for Ellie, it’s the only way to make a difference among the noise.

With 23,000 LinkedIn connections, the 36-year-old is also well invested in building genuine relationships, in particular with fellow businesswomen.

“I’ve written articles and posts about the trials and tribulations of raising three young children and running businesses.”

“People will tell you that you can’t buy back time and you shouldn’t neglect your children but I want to show women that they can have it all. I work so that I have the freedom to spend time with my kids”

Ellie McKay, Combined Property Ltd

In a world where 43% of women leave their jobs after having children, this is a refreshing new take.

In just 18 months, Combined Property has grown from an idea into a six-figure business.

Ellie says her personal brand is still developing; she advises being consistent on social media and changing your tone for each network.

While she extols the virtues of regular LinkedIn content (having risen to influencer status in under two years), she acknowledges challenges like Facebook algorithms.

Above all else, personal brand is about one’s attitude. Having spent two years investing in education from highly respected mentors, Ellie and her husband Mark are reaching for the stars – quite literally.

“I want to build a hotel in space. I don’t have any end goal, only to keep growing.”

Discover more about Ellie McKay by visiting her LinkedIn profile or combinedpropertyltd.com/.