Why is Employee Engagement So Crucial?

Why is Employee Engagement So Crucial?

The management of employee engagement and productivity is a topic that comes up a lot. A recent survey by Gallup showed that a large percentage of employees, globally, are either not engaged, or actively disengaged with their work, leading to low levels of productivity.

As Charlotte Gallagher, Managing Director of P3 People Management in Hale, explains, “This is having a detrimental effect on businesses worldwide. Companies that employ staff who are actively engaged in their work and strive to be productive when completing tasks tend to be more successful. They also tend to have better growth than companies with staff who are less productive and disengaged.”

How Can You Improve Employee Engagement?

Employee disengagement is an issue that businesses know that they need to tackle. Unfortunately, many do not know how to go about it in the best way. More and more HR staff are coming up with new and fresh ideas to keep their employees interested in and committed to their jobs for longer.

Charlotte continues, “One of the simplest ways is to simply thank your employees for the work that they do. Although you may argue that you are paying them for their work, those who view the issue on a human level understand that employees like to feel appreciated and valued. Those who do, often achieve better results than those who do not.”

“Managing unhappy employees all comes down to finding the root cause of their unhappiness and working to fix it. Listen to what your employees have to say, whether by providing them with a survey or carrying out focus groups. Make sure that they know their feelings and opinions are valued, by ensuing you work to meet their needs”, concludes Charlotte.

In short, employees who feel undervalued, unappreciated, and unheard are much more likely to be actively disengaged. To improve productivity you should value, appreciate and listen to your staff.


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