Can Employers Erase Hidden Costs of Car Servicing?

Can Employers Erase Hidden Costs of Car Servicing?

Companies throughout the UK are losing more than £10bn every year as a result of downtime and distractions, according to a recent survey.  Employers are finding that productivity and profitability can be seriously impacted by workplace distractions – from personal calls, texts, social media and internet usage – to tea breaks, office gossip and car servicing.

Workers can lose as many as 70 days each year to unnecessary time-diversions.  From lawyers, team leaders and IT professionals to entrepreneurs, GPs and other senior personnel, all of them are more productive when at their own workplaces.

We looked at one distraction taking these people away from their desks: car servicing.

“For those who rely on a car to commute to work or use a vehicle as part of their job, time wasted travelling to and from a garage can prove costly to both the employee and the employer”, remarks Alan Locke of Greater Machester-based, AYCEN Group.

“It just is not beneficial for anyone to be sat in our reception area, away from his or her place of work”, Alan continues, “so we provide a free collection and delivery service along with courtesy cars. This is because we understand how important it is for customers to be able to get on with their jobs while their vehicles are being prepared.”

From an employers perspective, the benefit of having their workforce at their place of work or maybe visiting customers, rather than sitting in the premises of a service garage, or driving there in traffic is paramount.

We believe convenient services like this can contribute to the reputation of any business, reducing the frustration of those ‘missing workforce’, enabling them to do what they do best, back in the office, at the surgery or on the road.

Aycen Group can look after all types of vehicles and fleets containing marques such as Mercedes, BMW and Audi. As an Independent operator, they can service and repair any vehicle to the standards required by the manufacturers, without affecting warranties.

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