Employers: How Should You Avoid Staff Holiday Chaos?

Employers: How Should You Avoid Staff Holiday Chaos?

The warmer months can be a difficult time for companies. Staff holiday mis-management can lead to workplaces being understaffed, jobs being mishandled or becoming delayed, and put a serious dent in the smooth running of the business, as well as the income.

How can employers handle this period?

With the holiday season fast approaching and as staff prepare to take their holidays, employers need to think about planning ahead to successfully manage holiday absences.

Ensure there is a fair system for booking holidays by having a company policy in place that will ensure each and every employee is aware of the process. Also, clearly define the rules for booking holidays e.g.

  • How many members of each team can be off at any one time?
  • How much notice does an employee have to give of a holiday?


It is a good idea to have a holiday calendar available so employees can check who is off before booking. Ensure that there is a fair, transparent and consistent system in place for booking will help with avoiding disappointments and remove any possible conflict.

You may have an exceptionally busy period within your business, such as the run up to Christmas or month end. Communication is the key here.

If you want to discourage staff from taking holiday during certain periods then let them know well in advance. If you cannot allow staff to take holidays in a particular period then this should be clearly set out in the Contract of Employment and Policy Statement.

While holidays are important for the health and wellbeing of employees, the needs of your business still need to be taken into account

Employees should be made aware that they are not all able to take holiday at the same time and that the business still needs to be able to operate effectively.