Executive Recruitment: Not An Easy Step To Take

Executive Recruitment: Not An Easy Step To Take

The recruitment of executives is one of the most delicate and difficult challenges facing organisations today.

Matching candidates’ skills, experience and background to the job requirements and the business culture is the key to success, but all too often the recruitment process lacks attention to the most crucial element – the first step in the search for a successful match.

Attracting the right candidates for an executive position is the first hurdle to overcome and advertising alone may not yield the rewards you desire. Your ideal candidate may not currently be looking for another position or may simply not see the advertisement. We spoke to Paul Drew, Marketing Director for sales recruitment organisation Pareto, and asked him to explain in more detail.

“Executives are not necessarily actively seeking other employment,” he explained, “generally they’re too busy doing their current job. It’s a highly competitive market out there, and we often find that by utilising our services the companies we work with have a greater choice of more suitable candidates.”

Working with a recruitment partner who has an in-depth knowledge of your business culture will enable them to accurately target suitable candidates for executive positions, across a variety of sectors. They also have the advantage of being able to place advertisements precisely where they will attract not only the largest number of candidates, but also the most suitable ones. Highly focused assessment days before interview and on-going training when the candidate has successfully secured a position also contribute towards a culture of target-driven achievement within a client’s organisation.

Paul added, “We create a relationship with our clients and establish a dedicated point of contact, usually a HR team member. This helps us to understand the intricacies of the role and the challenges the candidate will face which in turn enables us to target the right person for the role.”

In today’s streamlined and cost-conscious work environment, finding the right leaders for your company is vital, both to maintain a competitive edge and drive a business forward successfully. The qualities of leadership, decisiveness, intuition and business acumen are essential in a management role but the secret to successful recruitment is to find all these ingredients in one outstanding candidate.

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