From the front line to the classroom: how ex-armed forces personnel can look forward to a new career in teaching

ex-armed forcesA new government scheme has launched with the intention to get former soldiers qualified as teachers.

The two-year programme stipulates that ex-servicemen and women who may not possess degrees but have significant levels of experience as instructors, mentors and coaches within the Army structure will be eligible to sign up to the scheme that can see them become teachers in half the time it usually takes to qualify.

Labelled as ‘Troops To Teachers’, the scheme will not exclude those ex-service personnel with degrees. Instead they will be offered bursaries aimed at getting them onto teacher training courses that will be tweaked to offer bespoke training.

Stewart Davis, Group Commercial Director of PayMatters, a company that specialises in offering contractors and recruitment agencies with tax compliance and payroll advice. He gave us his reaction to the government initiative: “Its great to see that UK Government is waking up, albeit slowly, to understanding the potential that can be harnessed by redeploying former services personnel.”

Stewart continued “These outstanding individuals can bring unique qualities to our schools, and offer role models to our younger generations where so much of this type of guidance is missing. Indeed, when we consider where schools often lack relevant experience, such as the science and technology subject areas, there is no doubt that the Armed Forces can provide people with the expertise to take up this shortfall.”

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