How Do We Get More Women Into Construction?

How Do We Get More Women Into Construction?

The government is continuing to promote the increase of female workers within engineering, science and construction.

Earlier this year, ex-Employment Minister, Esther McVey launched the #NotJustForBoys campaign to encourage young women to enter these ‘non-traditional’ sectors. The initiative aimed to challenge the stereotypes still applied to these industries.

“Ministers are concerned that too many women are put off from applying for jobs in these prosperous and growing areas because they are seen as traditional, men-only environments”, says Charlotte Gallagher, Managing Director of P3 People Management.

Unlocking these opportunities will encourage more women to be employed in higher paid professions”, Charlotte continues.

Science and technological careers pay, on average, 19 per cent more than other occupations. The difference in salaries between male and female employees working in construction is higher than the national average at 22.8 per cent.

There has been a large increase in the number of females undertaking apprenticeships over the last ten years, but women only make up 2 per cent of all apprenticeships in construction. This is partly due to many young women entering traditionally female-dominated sectors such as retail, childcare and hairdressing, where wages are lower and there is less chance of career progression.

It is envisaged that the construction sector needs to recruit an estimated 200,000 workers by 2020 to keep up with demand. It is hoped such initiatives will help fill this skills gap and increase the numbers of women working in these sectors.

Charlotte concludes, “I believe that the #NotJustForBoys campaign is key in providing role models for the next generation of female workers and essential for the future growth of the country’s economy”.


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