Here’s why mental health care isn’t one size fits all

Here’s why mental health care isn’t one size fits all

When Kath Evans from the Wellbeing Bubble left her role as a crisis worker advocating for victims of sexual violence with post-traumatic stress disorder, she didn’t want counselling or therapy. What she really needed was someone just like her, who had experienced a similar challenge and came through the other side.

I didn’t need counselling between the hours of 9-5. I needed someone to talk to at three in the morning when I woke up in a cold sweat. That’s the environment I’m creating with the wellbeing bubble.

Kath Evans, Wellbeing Bubble

Kath understood that mental health care needs to be personal. After leaving her crisis worker role, she entered the mental health space and worked closely with people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, as well as domestic violence victims. It was here that Kath came to terms with how many others needed the talking service she had longed for. 

You get a really good overview of the situation, just through talking to people and giving them a chance to have their voice heard.

Kath’s solution is unique. A global network open to anyone who needs support, whether it’s for a long-term mental health issue or sudden crisis. In an aim to bring “humanness” back to mental health care, Kath has created a judgement free zone, where individuals experiencing a variety of different challenges can meet like minded individuals. 

“What surprised me was how widespread mental health problems actually are,” Kath shared.  “Through my work, I understood that so many people were struggling. But the breadth of the issue is much bigger than people realise. Everyone is experiencing something different, so it’s vital that we can meet them at their level.” 

The online format is really important to Kath. The anxiety associated with waiting for an appointment or travelling to a counselling session can be so overwhelming, that it puts people off. Making the Wellbeing Bubble accessible for everyone is another way Kath is fighting the stigma. Users can join conversations anonymously, and they never have to switch their camera on if they don’t want to. 

I’ve been absolutely inundated with people who want to join the Wellbeing Bubble. And that’s only because they want to access something that doesn’t already exist. If there was already a service like this, people would be using it.

You can learn more about the Wellbeing Bubble here.