How can businesses promote teamwork in today’s virtual world?

How can businesses promote teamwork in today’s virtual world?

Effective teamwork can transform a business with the skills of each individual coming together like parts of a high-performance racing car. But how can this be achieved in today’s world of remote working and video calls?

Whether you work in teaching or transport, your organisation needs to successfully achieve its targets. By nurturing collaboration and creativity in your teams, your staff will have the right blend of skills and the motivation to deliver.

“Everyone understands the importance of teamwork, but I find that very few workplaces have practical systems in place,” says Sarah Furness, a former RAF Squadron Leader who now helps business leaders improve the performance of themselves and their staff.

Producing a high performing team starts with the individuals. It sounds obvious, but you are only going to get on with other people if you understand yourself. That’s where mindfulness can begin to really add value to your organisation.

It’s all about getting the most out of your people in a really positive way, so that everyone feels happier and more motivated. Mindfulness isn’t about fixing people, we only want to fine tune what they do so they get as much value out of life as possible.

Sarah Furness, Well Be It

If you still need convincing, Sarah highlights some of the benefits of teamwork training…

More creativity: one person can only bring one perspective, while a team will be a mixture of differing views helping to share knowledge and create solutions to your problems. Research has shown that diverse teams are more creative and perform better.

More skills: teams should include people with a variety of skill sets. This not only aids creativity and the chances of a positive outcome, but it also means every individual can feel engaged as they can bring their talents to the table.

Less stress: a stressful working environment can reduce creativity and productivity. Collaboration has a positive impact on attitudes leading to higher levels of job satisfaction and confidence. Workloads can also be shared with staff feeling less isolated.

Recognition: everyone likes to be told that they have done a good job. The recognition from peers can improve the productivity and mental health of staff, which can all contribute to a business’s bottom line. The type of recognition is also crucial. The right type of recognition is crucial however. Praising results can create performance anxiety. Praising hard work and overcoming is the key to sustaining motivation.

Staff retention: teamwork can breed a sense of community with everyone working towards a common goal. Happy and motivated team members are more likely to stay with an organisation.

Does your team need help?

During her 20 years in the RAF, Sarah regularly put her life in the hands of her colleagues either during intensive training or when flying missions in Afghanistan.

Sarah adds: “I have seen first-hand the effectiveness of my mindfulness based workshops. Mindfulness does not have to be boring, it’s about being adaptable. I show people how to manage their own responses and work through negative responses.

Working on team dynamics is all about getting staff to perform better. Our courses are broken down in full or half-day workshops, with a maximum of five sessions. By the end people are pretty blown away. It’s only a short time, but they receive tangible benefits.

Sarah, who officially left the military in July 2021, started her business Well Be It in February 2020. To discover how Sarah can help you and your personal performance, visit or email for a free, no-obligation, call.

Alternatively, you can join Sarah at her Winefulness Taster Day on Thursday July 15, designed for business professionals to network and learn how they can implement mindfulness into their workplace. All done over a glass of wine in the beautiful surroundings of Henley’s legendary Oaken Grove.

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