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What Value Could an HR Business Partner Bring to You?

What Value Could an HR Business Partner Bring to You?

We are lucky to be living in an age where almost every business process can be aided, if not completed by, technology. As a result, modern technology is making businesses more efficient, more practical and in many ways more profitable.

However, why is it important not to forget the value of personal experience, for businesses themselves, the employees who work there and the customers they serve?

Getting to Grips With Partnership

“Sometimes it can feel that the very technology that’s meant to bring us together is pushing us further apart but there is a balance to be found,” warns Emma Harvey, from Candid HR.

“It is perhaps now more important for businesses to ensure that a partnership approach is taken working with outsourced HR support.”

“Offering an HR business partner approach goes deeper than just giving a certain level of customer service, and should be integrated into the very operations and running of a business,”

Emma Harvey, Candid HR

“It is about getting to know your clients’ business from the inside out and therefore being able to add value and be a more effective business partner,” Emma explains.

Understanding the ins and outs of another business is no easy feat, but Emma believes her personal approach is key to really getting to grips with the challenges and opportunities faced by any business.

“A number of HR businesses are either online or in call centres, which might be adequate for some, but we like to offer this in addition to getting to know our clients’ businesses. In essence, we roll our sleeves up and get stuck in,” Emma said.

HR Business Partnership in Practise

“We’ve got a brilliant, fast-growing client with multiple sites across the UK, who had an issue with the engagement and retention of drivers on night shifts,” Emma describes.

“So, I got up at 3AM in February (in the snow!) and worked a night shift with one of the delivery drivers to understand what the challenges and opportunities were of that role.”

“In doing so, I was able to report back, first-hand, what the issues were for them and agree some quick, small but effective changes that would make a real difference to the drivers in the team as well as the line managers who had to manage the challenges.”

“Our HR business partner approach facilitates real time, fast results and enables us to become a seamless extension of your management team”

Emma Harvey, Candid HR

“Walking the walk enables us to understand the issues and challenges that people face every day as well as identifying opportunities for improvement, development or change” Emma concludes. “You can only do that by rolling your sleeves up and taking the time.”

As part of her partnership approach to doing business, Emma is currently running free-of-charge, fortnightly, webinars to help businesses understand and overcome HR and employment law issues.

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