Why Should HR Be More Than Your Emergency Service?

Why Should HR Be More Than Your Emergency Service?

For some SMEs, professional HR support and advice is not regarded as essential.  Until something goes wrong, or they have an urgent issue with which they need help.

HR Aspects Magazine spoke with Lisa Gower, Managing Director of Ubuntu HR.  We asked why HR should, in fact, be seen as critical to business growth and success and not just be called on to deal with emergencies.


Why is human resources sometimes neglected by businesses?

“Many SMEs start small.  Maybe with just a very, small, tight group. It is only when they need to take on employees that they realise that the responsibilities that come with this could be more than they can handle on their own.”

“In fact, early involvement by human resource professionals is crucial as companies find recruitment is a vital part of growing to meet demand. This is where human resource support provides invaluable support, in identifying staffing needs and finding the talent to fill key roles. A company is only as good as its people.”


How can outsourced HR improve business performance?

“One of the things companies have to get right is employee engagement, including managing employee performance and satisfaction. This is really about instilling a culture and climate that encourages positivity and reduces the need for disciplinary action.”


“If a business brings in professional human resource support, it can gain valuable help in addressing employees’ concerns and fostering a positive work culture, while not having to worry about investing in its own in-house HR function.”

Lisa Gower, Ubuntu HR


“It’s to do with striking a balance – understanding the need to have human resources as part of the development process, without necessarily going so far as to create a permanent HR department. It all depends on individual business needs.”


Lisa Gower - Ubuntu HR

Lisa Gower – Human resource and management training expert


Where Does Human Resources Fit in With Leadership?

“Business owners may initially be meeting demands that dovetail with their specific skills in starting up.  They can find that as their business expands, so these demands change, requiring different, more diverse leadership qualities.”

“Leadership is a multi-faceted skill, and human resources is very much about helping people develop this by providing the necessary training support to do so.”


What, overall, can human resource support offer SMEs?


“Professional HR can provide a unique insight, combining an external viewpoint with a deep, professional understanding of how people work, and how the right culture in a workplace can bring out the best in them.”

Lisa Gower, Ubuntu HR


“Human resource support is not just to do with solving difficult issues. It can offer valuable advice on structural issues and help prepare SMEs for the challenges that lie ahead.”

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