HR managers are urged to be aware of potential posture problems for workers that use mobile devices

Posture ProblemsThe incorrect usage of tablets, handhelds and laptops may cause posture problems, which can lead to headaches, painful joints and spinal conditions, according to a survey commissioned by Fellowes.

Conducted by Dynamic Markets, the survey of 1,000 UK adults also identified that 65% of mobile users are forced to take medication, with one in 10 people in constant pain.

HR Aspects Magazine spoke to office ergonomics expert, Richard Clarke of R&A Office Environments Ltd. He told us about the need for businesses to comply with legislation, and about the benefits of ensuring that workers are trained to adopt the correct posture within their working environment.

“Businesses have a duty of care under health and safety law to assess every employee’s workstation to ensure that their environment is suitable for the employee to carry out their work tasks. Compliance with the legislation also brings benefits of productivity to the work place.

“Surely employers would rather their employees are sitting correctly in the office doing their jobs, than be sitting at home on sick leave. It is costly to replace trained staff with temporary or agency staff, so it is not better to minimize these costs by ensuring that staff are working in the correct environment.

Correct advice on how to sit properly and by supplying posture aids if required, can go a long way to ensuring that the staff are safe, happy and productive.”

R&A Office Environments Ltd is a supplier of new and recycled office furniture & seating, and also specialize in ergonomic assessments in the office workplace. For further information contact Richard Clarke on 07710 061800 or e-mail