We Want to Hear Your HR Story

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What will help you reach the people that matter to you, that will highlight your knowledge and let them know how you can help, grow and support people in business?  Tell them your story.

Your story should focus on the legacy of how your work helps others and improves businesses because this is what will stay in people’s minds.  Stories of your successes resonate with your target audience. But to do this they must be engaging and informative.


What Can You Use Stories For?

Stories work to market what you do but without the hard sell. This works in a variety of settings, from face to face interaction at business events, meetings and conferences to shareable web content.  When you meet a new prospect, a legacy-based story can offer you a way in, a hook to gain their interest. Properly engage them, using storytelling as your method, and you can maximise your opportunity.

It’s about more than prospects, however. You can extend your online audience reach significantly if you can attract people by letting them know more about you.

The right story can engage them quickly but resonate with them for far longer.


About HR Aspects Magazine

People are concerned with many different aspects of work and conditions, and about employers and their values.  Through HR Aspects Magazine, we will tell your stories, focusing on your target audiences and looking at:

  • The concerns and issues of those people and your target audience
  • How you are improving people and businesses
  • Your people, your values, and your social impact


These stories will:

  • Be engaging and informative
  • Boost your credibility and authority as an expert in your field
  • Count, when you want to expand your potential audience’s knowledge about you


Whether you’re looking for new business, new partners, or new people, let strong storytelling support your objectives.

Contact us to find out how we can make this happen.


David Lomas
CEO, M3 Media Publishing

David Lomas