How Can Sales-focused Businesses Improve Staff Loyalty?

It is an issue familiar to business owners, managers and employers the world over: What can be done to help engender staff loyalty?

It becomes even more pertinent and worrying when you consider that monolithic institutions famed for their employee perks, such as Google and Amazon, face high employee turnover rates. 

This doesn’t tell the whole story, however, with many of Google’s employees enjoying high level of job satisfaction and comfortably achieving above average salary levels.

Businesses, then, seem to face something of a quandary. And it is even more acute when considering sales, an industry with traditionally one of the highest rates of staff turnover. What can sales firms do to improve staff loyalty if even giants like Google and Amazon find it difficult?

The Foundation of Recruitment

From the outset businesses have to get their recruitment structure right. By getting the right people in from the get-go, chances are that they will flourish in their role.

They will also add value to the business in terms of performance and loyalty.

Growing Your People

Businesses should focus on offering career development and training opportunities to staff.

By talking to staff and developing plans that respect their goals as well as overall business objectives, a level of engagement builds that shows how much a business values an employee’s efforts and how much they want to move forward and grow together.”

In addition, formal recognition of employee’s skills and developments through accreditation programmes or professional qualifications can increase that feeling of being valued. In turn, this can lead to greater loyalty and higher levels of staff retention.

By offering a structured development plan that encompasses accreditation, rewards sales excellence and celebrates achievements, businesses will reap the benefits of a contented and focused sales team that will show greater loyalty to their employer.