Institute of Recruiters Presses ‘Reset’ on Career Paths

Institute of Recruiters Presses ‘Reset’ on Career Paths

The Institute of Recruiters (IOR) has launched the industry’s first professional career map showing salary benchmarking and career mobility between the recruitment and human resource professions.

According to Azmat Mohammed, Director-General of the IOR, it is the first time that business owners and their staff in the recruitment sector have an overview to compare position with others:

“The map provides salary benchmarking and illustrates how your career compares to internal recruiters and HR. It shows where people stand and highlights that recruitment can give personal progression and career development. This will in turn help to strengthen staff retention as continuity helps to improve overall standards.

“If we are to keep up with market forces and changes in hiring strategies, the recruitment industry must get its house in order very quickly so the IOR is pressing ‘reset’ on the recruitment industry with the career map an important part of this.”

Kate Wright of Crem Recruitment says: “We welcome the IOR’s career map. It provides a benchmark for us and our employees which strengthens our ability for us to show that recruitment can be a great vocation. This can only help us to attract the best talent which also acts as raising the overall standards of the sector.”

The IOR is supporting the recruitment sector as it emphasises its position as a career of choice. It has recently launched formal training qualifications, regulated by Ofqual, which have parity with HR qualifications and curriculums. The qualifications seek to address many of the issues faced within the recruitment sector and to raise the overall standards of the profession.

Azmat adds: “The IOR is the first to introduce formal recruiting qualifications and they will have a huge impact on recruiting standards, think of them as a survival guide, they are essential if you want to progress in this industry. The career map is just the start of a new era in recruitment.”

Full details about the career map can be found here:

The Institute of Recruiters (IOR) is a British Institute representing the highest standard mark in British recruitment. For further information please contact Azmat Mohammed, Director General on 0871 288 2108.