How Integral Are Your People to Holistic Business Security?

How Integral Are Your People to Holistic Business Security?

In a big enough company, it’s likely that some departments will never cross paths. IT support will rarely have any cause to interact with HR, and vice versa.

For Nick Holden, MD of NexusProtect, there is one critical common interest: security.

“Threats to business security all have people at their core,” says Nick. “It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, or your role. You could be exposing the whole company to threats without even realising.”

He adds that up to nine in 10 data breaches are caused by people, mostly through lack of training.

“Knowledge gaps affect all departments of a company. Accidents can happen, leading to hackers gaining access”

Nick Holden, NexusProtect

“We recently reviewed a global study and found that three quarters of personnel would open a phishing link,” reveals Nick. “Within these respondents, 91% had not had up-to-date training.”

Putting it Into Context

While cyber security and data compliance are crucial across the board, it’s best to think of it in context, says Nick.

“Imagine a manufacturing company. You have the production side of things, led by IT teams, which is vulnerable to cyber threats. You then have the physical security of guarding your warehouse, and general people management within HR.”

“So many issues can link so many different departments, because ultimately, good business security relies on people”

Nick Holden, NexusProtect

“Our security health check takes a 360° approach, not just from a departmental perspective, but from a functional one.”

“We look at strategy and operations to identify problems and implement solutions.”

The University of London Home Run

It was this overarching approach that afforded NexusProtect the opportunity to work with London’s biggest university.

The company was pitching for a strategic security review looking at all aspects of security management, from physical and technology to people, policy and processes. NexusProtect also drew upon their experience of  organisational resilience to complete the holistic review.

“We were up against much larger audit companies – the likes of companies such as PwC. However, many of these larger companies can come in and provide a totally impersonal approach.”

“We offered a full review of how the organisation delivered its security. It covered:

  • cooperative working
  • cultural change
  • policy and process synchronisation
  • a balanced scorecard approach to management”

As an organisation that’s open to physical threats and handles thousands of students’ data, this was a huge win for NexusProtect.

Integrating Departments

Through education and training, Nick hopes that his health checks can help departments better understand each other and move towards a common goal of enhanced security.

This could involve IT teams outlining cyber threat updates, or HR teams promoting data protection compliance.

“We offer a real practical background in the subject matter, plus operational and strategic experience,” concludes Nick.

With vast amounts of work experience in defence, immigration, health and transport, Nick is well-versed in dealing with multiple departments.

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