Just how much does the NHS rely on the contracting sector?

IT ContractorsThe answer to this is clear, especially if you are looking at the provision of IT staff. Responding to a recent survey by Twenty Recruitment, some 70% of NHS trusts have stated that they will look to IT staffing provision as their number one priority in the coming year.

Whilst not surprising that IT should be a focus given the huge amount of data management required in the NHS, what is even more revealing is the extent to which the NHS plans to rely on the contracting sector to help with the coming workload.

65% of respondents made it clear that they would be looking at contracting IT staff to take up the slack as the workload increases and diversifies. The NHS as an institution has been tasked with becoming a more commercial outfit, and in terms of delivering information technology services it must show increased efficiencies and effectiveness in care delivery.

Dexter Dyer of PayMatters, a company that helps contractors manage their payroll and taxation issues. “We believe that NHS trusts will be a key market leader for contractors who work with umbrella companies such as ourselves in the years to come. The figures back that up.”

Dexter continues “IT contactors with the right skills are of interest to the NHS regardless of sector backgrounds. The huge transformational programmes the NHS has in place, such as the computerisation of patient records, will result in the hiring of large numbers of skilled IT contractors and without doubt they will prove their worth. Project work requires the skill sets and mindsets of talented, resourceful contractors and the NHS will benefit greatly from having them on board. Beyond that it is also worth considering that some 20% of contractors see working at the NHS as a form of contributing to society and giving something back, a wonderful value to have in any employee.”

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