Large scale recruitment demands rigorous systems

Large Scale RecruitmentUndertaking a recruitment drive for a large scale project or company is both challenging and demanding for HR departments.

One such company facing that challenge is Center Parcs, which has begun a drive to recruit 1,500 staff for its £250m holiday village at Woburn Forest. With varying roles, such as 500 housekeepers, waiting staff, spa therapists, lifeguards and nurses, ensuring that the recruitment process runs smoothly will be a top priority.

We spoke to Chris Keeling Managing Director of e-recruitment and applicant tracking software solution, Jobtrain. He explained about the sort of system that Center Parcs will need to have in place.

“Recruiting for a large number of roles in a variety of areas will require companies such as Center Parcs to have a rigorous system in place to ensure that all candidates are responded to and that the process runs smoothly within the resourcing team.

“I expect the team will receive many applications for their positions, and so if they have the right system in place, they will be able to start building their own talent pool. This will mean that they will already have a head start when recruiting for future positions.”

“For a company like Center Parcs, they will not only be keen to look at core skills, but also at personality fit as the culture of the business will be very important to them. These factors can be assessed via online application systems by building in appropriate questions – this is something we have seen with many clients of Jobtrain. In addition, the whole experience needs to be candidate friendly and very quick and easy. We recently conducted a survey amongst a number of Jobtrain clients and noted that the application time took only between two and a half and five minutes to complete.”

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