Life After Banking: Can You Work Without Limits?

Life After Banking: Can You Work Without Limits?

The banking sector has shed a lot of jobs in the past few years. In 2015, Barclays, alone, announced that they would be shedding 19,000 jobs. Potentially, this amounts to a large number of ex-bank employees looking for work. Even those with a good severance package might not wish to simply kick back and watch the world go by.

“For many, working in financial services is a kind of calling”, explains Martin Byrne, Managing Director of Business Protect.  “For them, their job ending is more than just the loss of security”.

Business Protect specialise in life and other insurance packages for businesses.  Martin, himself, is a veteran of the financial sector.  “So many people see self-employment as a risk but I’ve always viewed it as a tremendous opportunity”.

Business Protect’s model offers its representatives support and a structure, while giving them the freedom to set their own limits. And it allows ex-financial sector employees to use their knowledge, skills and experience in a different setting.

“Enforced change can be made to seem less traumatic with a shift in perspective”, Martin continues.  “There’s real power in taking control of a situation you previously had no control over”.

The work of Business Protect is about re-channelling financial skills into a specific, niche market, but one that has real personal, as well as business, value. As Martin explains, “Lots of business start-ups have often dropped out of a corporate setting and therefore lost their death in service benefit. Our insurance services can give these businesses the kind of protection that allows them to grow with confidence”.

By providing simplified services with the emphasis on continual customer service, Martin Byrne has created something that serves business and is of great personal value.

“I feel we support business and we offer opportunities for financial professionals to re-start doing a different kind of work”, Martin concludes.  “This is something that fully engages their skills while freeing them from any kind of corporate restriction. It puts them back in the world of work, but on their own terms.”


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