Could Low Job Satisfaction Lose You Workers?

Could Low Job Satisfaction Lose You Workers?

Unsatisfied workers are increasingly looking at job satisfaction as a reason for moving to a new job, according to new numbers from Investors In People (IIP).

According to a recent survey, 6 out of every 10 workers is now unhappy in their present position, with 48% of people listing low job satisfaction as the main cause.

IIP’s annual Jobs Exodus Survey showed a 10% increase in the number of people now unhappy at work, compared to the year before.

“The numbers show that a lack of job satisfaction is now more likely to push someone out of their job than low pay,” says Charlotte Gallagher of P3 People Management, in Hale. “That’s something that employers need to consider very carefully”.

44% of people polled by IIP gave low pay as the main reason that they were unhappy at work, with 30% of respondents giving “feeling undervalued” as another reason that they were unhappy in their jobs.

“With the unnecessary expense of advertising for and training new employees, undervaluing or neglecting the people that you already have is counter-productive,” continues Charlotte.  “All it does is slow productivity and, ultimately, cost you money.”

It’s not always easy to identify issues, with large companies often insulated from the unhappiness of their workers by layers of management.  Big corporations have internal HR teams to identify these issues but it can sometimes take an outside employment specialist to root out problems.  Companies like P3 People Management specialise in working with employers to establish and fix workplace issues.

“We work with lots of businesses to help them communicate better with their employees.  Often, that’s all it takes.  But if IIP’s numbers reflect the situation UK wide then there’s a real challenge out there for British firms”.


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