Magnum Opus Repairs Reveals Their Team Support During Coronavirus

Magnum Opus Repairs Reveals Their Team Support During Coronavirus

Whilst businesses around the world are feeling the pressure of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) it is important not to lose sight of what is important.

Of course, companies need to make sales and ensure they are well insulated from any economic fallout.  But why is it just as important for businesses to focus on looking after their people, during this difficult time?

Sticking Together In Isolation

“Our technicians work hard, and it can sometimes be a stressful and lonely job,” explains Ryan Tetley of Magnum Opus. “That is why we organise regular teambuilding events.”

“It gives our team a chance to let their hair down, de-stress and create a great team environment”.

“Despite the country being on lockdown and the need for social-distancing, it is vital that we find ways to keep our employees in good spirits”

Ryan Tetley, Magnum Opus

“We have an online poker evening every Wednesday,” says Ryan.

“There’s no real money involved but there’s a lot of competitiveness.”

Why Does Team Building Matter?

As a company that specialises in repairing hard-surfaces, Magnum Opus do more than simply make something functional.

Many of their clients include property developers who are looking to save on time, cost and labour when things like baths, doors, worktops and floors get damaged during construction.

“We are always experimenting with new materials and processes to ensure that if you were looking at one of their repairs, you’d never know it had been damaged in the first place.”

It is this level of quality that Ryan uses to service clients as well as looking after his team.

“Our key goal is to create a good working culture, to keep everyone inside our business, and everyone we do business with, happy”

Ryan Tetley, Magnum Opus

“This mentality of looking after people isn’t just reserved for our team and clients, as we are big on making friends.”

“Magnum Opus is about likeability, not just profit,” Ryan concludes. “Because we don’t see our dealings as ‘just another business transaction’ that has won us a lot of work – because we do go above and beyond”.

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