Make emotional intelligence your New Year’s resolution

Make emotional intelligence your New Year’s resolution

It’s that time of year again where we talk about New Year’s resolutions for our businesses – capitalising on potential missed opportunities from the past year, and considering new ways of operating to make the coming year more successful.

Small changes in your organisation’s approach to doing business and internal processes to help train staff and keep them engaged, can have a profound impact on how your organisation navigates the coming year.

Whatever New Year’s resolutions you might be considering, it’s essential that you change the way you work if you want to achieve the results and productivity you deserve.

German mathematician and physicist Albert Einstein once famously said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

As you ponder on what steps you can take to enhance productivity and efficiency in 2022 why not consider what more and more of today’s modern, open-minded business leaders are considering – introducing ‘emotional intelligence’ into the workplace.

Kylee Hurrell, Director of leading business coaching agency The Threedom Coaches, explains:

“Emotional intelligence means you understand, and manage, not only your own emotions but also those of everyone around you. People with a high degree of emotional intelligence recognise their feelings and emotions and, importantly, how these can affect others.

Emotional intelligence can be broken down into five key concepts:

  • Self-perception – self-regard, self-actualisation and emotional self-awareness.
  • Decision making – problem solving, reality testing and impulse control.
  • Stress management – flexibility, stress tolerance and optimism.
  • Self-expression – emotional expression, assertiveness and independence.
  • Interpersonal – empathy, social responsibility and interpersonal relationship.

There’s no doubt that putting ‘emotional intelligence’ at the top of your list of New Year resolutions will bring a host of benefits including:

Greater Teamwork

Working on building better emotional intelligence in the workplace can improve team communication, and lead to deeper conversations and more innovative ideas.

Less Conflict

Conflict is less common among people with higher emotional intelligence because they don’t shy away from or fear disagreement.

Greater Self-Awareness

Employees with higher EI understand and accept their strengths and weaknesses. They also readily seek out solutions and opportunities to improve.

Enhanced Leadership

Whether they’re correcting a subordinate or having to fire someone, emotionally intelligent can do so while respecting everyone’s feelings and preserving dignity.


Emotional intelligence helps people relate more to others, even those who are vastly different from them.

Developing emotional intelligence in the workplace will create a more inclusive environment that truly embraces and empowers everyone.

More Motivation

Those with higher EI know how to develop goals and can find their own motivation at work.

Kylee concludes: “The benefits of emotional intelligence in the workplace are vast.  

“Studies have proved that leaders and employees that are well conversed in EI go further in their career, have higher job satisfaction and performance, handle stress more effectively, are more confident in themselves, are better at adapting to change, have improved communication skills and have a clear company vision aiding in team morale.

“All this, in turn, leads to company survival and growth.”

The Threedom Coaches programme is refreshingly different because it uses emotional intelligence, NLP, the experience of those who have worked in the corporate world and practical tools to create a unique team culture. Its sole aim is to build and maintain an environment that employees will thrive in, with consistency, high ethics and trust at the centre of the programme. For further information visit