Managers: Are Your Employees Benefiting From Plants?

Managers: Are Your Employees Benefiting From Plants?

During the second week of July, National Plants at Work Week will be launched.  The week of awareness is about reminding everyone from interior landscapers through to businesses and the general public, just how important it is to have plants in our lives especially at work.

The reasons are well researched and documented as important for our health and wellbeing and our motivation.

Butch Deedman, from Bolton-based, Deedman Plants explains, “There has been extensive research conducted regarding the benefits of plants in the workplace. With full time employees spending approximately 1/4 of their lives at work it is important that the workplace provides an environment of beauty, health and comfort. Studies confirm that there are both physiological and psychological benefits to surrounding yourself with nature at work.”

Research concludes that the presence of plants in the workplace:

  • lowers blood pressure
  • reduces stress
  • increases humidity
  • reduces illness
  • purifies air
  • reduces dust
  • lowers energy costs
  • quickens employee response time
  • enhances problem solving ability
  • sparks creativity
  • increases brain activity
  • provides a positive outlook
  • acts as a mood elevator
  • has a calming affect
  • boosts learning
  • enhances productivity and performance
  • contributes to noise reduction
  • improves office appearance
  • reduces distractions

For further information on the benefits of office plants, then you can contact Butch Deedman at Deedman Tropical Plants by phone 01204 577000.