Neck and Shoulder Pain? Are Your Staff Sitting Comfortably?

Neck and Shoulder Pain?  Are Your Staff Sitting Comfortably?

Neck and shoulder pain have been identified as common injuries amongst office staff and can cause problems to business.

A recent survey by ErgoCube found that 44% obtained a neck or shoulder injury or pain from a work related cause, whilst a further 22% had suffered with repetitive strain injury.

So what should HR teams be doing to ensure that employees don’t suffer with injuries sustained at work? HR Aspects Magazine spoke to office ergonomics expert, Richard Clarke of R&A Office Environments Ltd.

“One of the first things businesses should consider with new employees, and on a regular basis with existing employees, is to assess whether they are sitting correctly and that their office chair is suitable for them,” explained Richard. “All chairs need to comply with the existing legislation, but I believe that more thought should be given to having some variety of seating, because what might suit one employee may not be suitable for another.”

Businesses who invest in assessing their employees’ needs see the benefits in the long run, as staff are less likely to take time off sick.

One business that has benefited from ensuring their staff are comfortable is AJ Bell. We spoke to their HR Director, Elizabeth Carrington. “We take our staff comfort and needs very seriously and have been using an external expert for the past 12 months. We have commissioned in depth ergonomic assessments which included advice on the most suitable equipment, chairs and supports for our staff. The cost of the expert advice is reasonable and it has proved invaluable to our business.”

“Getting advice on how to maintain the best posture is equally as important,” continued Richard. “Ensuring that posture is correct will help to increase productivity and reduce absence.”

R&A Office Environments Ltd is a supplier of new and recycled office furniture & seating, and specialize in ergonomic assessments in the office workplace. For further information contact Richard Clarke on 07710 061800.