NexusProtect Reveals Your Employees’ Risk to Your Business

NexusProtect Reveals Your Employees’ Risk to Your Business

If you’ve ever opened an email, chances are you’ll have seen one with an attachment. Perhaps it’s an invoice or an amusing link from a friend.

Today, one in every 100 emails is a phishing email – up 65% since 2018. Unfortunately, many of us cannot even detect a phishing email, says NexusProtect MD, Nick Holden.

“Employees can pose the greatest risk to your business. It could be poor training and awareness or a disgruntled member of staff or workforce.”

“Whether it’s deliberate or accidental, an organisation must take its responsibility seriously or face financial, reputational damage and or both”

Nick Holden, NexusProtect

“However, the problem is not just on the shop floor. The boardroom and senior management can also be the weakest link!”

NexusProtect ran a global phishing exercise and:

  1. Identified that 74% of the organisations’ executives opened the phishing emails
  2. Of that 74%, 92% had not completed the organisation’s security awareness course

Finding Security Risks in Your Business

Whether it’s a primary school, a manufacturing plant, or logistics operation or a government contract, the most effective approach to security is one that encompasses all departments.

“In most companies, the IT teams sit on one side and the other departments sit on another. This creates vulnerabilities. With our approach, we identify all risks, from HR to marketing to operations.”

“In most cases, security breaches are a result of a human error, therefore the interaction between an organisation’s internal functions and its employees is business critical”

Nick Holden, NexusProtect

“With data breaches, 80 to 90% are caused by people – mostly accidental.”

“People can open the back door unknowingly to those who may want to cause harm to your organisation.”

An Holistic Approach to Security

NexusProtect’s unique offering identifies vulnerabilities in business. From the shop floor to the boardroom, the team provides tailored solutions from assurance through to training, planning and implementation.

Nick founded NexusProtect in 2015 after leaving a senior security role with a large multinational. With 12 years in the Royal Marines, as well as managing security projects such as the Commonwealth Games, Nick has built a multi-skilled team.

This team offers a one-stop shop in security management and organisational resilience, with a wealth of experience in areas from counterterrorism to data protection, physical security and cyber security.

Today, the company continues to grow across multiple business sectors, with more than 100 clients on the books.

With its unique focus on people, NexusProtect recently beat the “Big 4” to a key contract with the University of London.

To safeguard your business from a security breach, please contact NexusProtect on 08454 631 072 or visit