North West businesses – how comfy is your workforce?

Happy EmployeesSome refer to Nev Wilshire as the real life David Brent and others say he’s an HR manager’s worst nightmare. But what is clear is that Nev, who is the star of the BBC documentary series The Call Centre, demonstrates that his workforce are happy and motivated.

Whether it is via office banter, or as we saw in the program that we watched, setting up a speed dating evening to make one of his employees happy and smile again, Nev’s team are relaxed, work in a comfortable environment, and seem content.

HR Aspects NorthWest wanted to examine how local businesses are keeping their employees happy, and whether staff are comfortable within their working environment. We spoke to Richard Clarke of R&A Office Environments. He is an expert in office ergonomics and works with companies to ensure that employees are at ease within their workspace.

Richard told us about some of the initiatives in which businesses are trying to put staff comfort first. “From arranging corporate team building events to making sure employees have complimentary refreshments, many Northwest companies are doing their bit to make sure that their employees are happy, not only within the office environment, but also with their colleagues,” said Richard.

Keeping your workforce comfortable

“Ensuring that employees are comfortable should come as a priority to business leaders. After all, a member of staff who is content and comfortable will be more productive and less likely to take time off due to illness. The benefits to the business far outweigh the costs as there is no need to provide cover for members of staff who are unable to work, and a productive member of staff can ultimately increase your bottom line,” continued Richard.

R&A Office Environments Ltd is a supplier of new and recycled office furniture & seating, and specialize in ergonomic assessments in the office workplace. For further information contact Richard Clarke on 07710 061800 or e-mail