How Vulnerable are Your People to Business Security Threats?

How Vulnerable are Your People to Business Security Threats?

They say people don’t leave toxic work environments, they leave toxic bosses. In today’s high-pressure workplace, employees are feeling more vulnerable than ever.

In 2017/18 alone, we lost 15.4 million workdays due to work-related stress. Within this, 13 per cent of us cite violence, threats or bullying as the leading cause. So what can we do to stop it?

According to Nick Holden, Managing Director of NexusProtect, staff engagement and encouragement is a security issue.

“There are so many facets of business security that cross over with staff protection,” says Nick.

“Whether it’s physically protecting your security officers or preventing client or customer harassment, you need to include your staff as part of an holistic strategy”

Nick Holden, NexusProtect

As part of NexusProtect’s 360° approach, they identify all potential vulnerabilities to staff teams, clients and customers right down to training and awareness, policies and processes.

Cyber Dangers

Data protection is one of the biggest vulnerabilities when it comes to cyber security. If a company were to undergo a data breach, this could impact individual staff and the business as a whole.

According to a 2019 cyber security survey, the biggest data breach concern for teams was having intellectual property and commercial secrets exposed – leading to a cycle of reputational damage, stress and other mental health issues to management and therefore employees.

“Without assuring that data is secure the reputation of the company could be at significant risk. This leads to higher staff turnover, lower productivity and potential financial losses,” adds Nick.

Physical Security

Depending on the workplace, the number of physical risks varies considerably. Roles that put people into direct conflict, such as security staff, receptionists, mobile staff, shop staff or trade negotiators, need to have comprehensive rules in place around how to keep them safe.

Likewise, hazardous environments are a business security issue. Again, with dangerous workplaces, companies risk reputational damage in addition to staff injury.

In 2018/19, there were 581,000 non-fatal injuries in the workplace. Worse still, 1 in 6 people admitted they would not report a hazard.

“We’ll conduct a thorough security, health and safety review to ensure all teams are compliant across the board, minimising risks and keeping your biggest assets safe and secure”

Nick Holden, NexusProtect

Looking From all Angles

With this holistic approach, NexusProtect identifies risks across all business departments from the shop floor to the board room.

Nick concludes, “Only by collaborating across teams and educating staff can we truly look after our people.”

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