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Why Can Performance Anxiety Block Your Business Success?

Why Can Performance Anxiety Block Your Business Success?

Business is a performance on many different levels, from sales and customer satisfaction to management and staff engagement. And there is the whole issue of performing personally in public, whether presenting, pitching or networking.

Performance anxiety can be a significantly disruptive force, affecting individuals and their businesses. It can hinder progress, hamper sales and harm people’s self-esteem, feeding long-term problems and issues.

How can people in business cope with performance anxiety and, if possible, cure it?


The Hidden Script

Adrian Taffinder specialises in the subconscious and how it controls how we act in our daily lives.

“We know we feel anxiety, and we know when it affects us, but it’s not always that easy to understand why we feel it,” he explains. “Performance anxiety is the body’s stress response to something buried in the subconscious mind. Addressing the anxiety means getting to the root cause of it.”

Adrian describes the subconscious as a hidden script, which controls 95% of what we do.

“You may have an implicit memory, something in your past that evokes an emotional response to certain situations,” Adrian says. “For example, you may have had a feeling of intense embarrassment standing up in front of the class at school. Your body retains this feeling and brings it back every time you are called upon to speak in public as an adult.”

Essentially, the subconscious wires us for these responses, affecting how we then react and perform in various situations.


Why is Performance Anxiety Harmful?

There are arguments that suggest you can harness anxiety to improve performance, because it gets the adrenalin flowing. However, Adrian points out that in many situations performance anxiety causes blockages in business.


Anxiety can impede things like sales and marketing, because even with the right processes in place, if your subconscious is holding you back, in effect you’re driving with the brakes on

Adrian Taffinder, Subconscious Surgery


“Performance anxiety is wide ranging, and not restricted to public speaking, and it can feed stress, which in turn has a detrimental effect on productivity,” explains Adrian.

“The mindset matters,” Adrian continues, “because it influences relationships in the workplace, and it can take hold of an entire company culture.”

As the self-styled Subconscious Surgeon, Adrian applies a unique process to help individuals conquer performance anxiety by uncovering and addressing the issues in the subconscious brain.

“The only way to improve how you feel and to deal effectively with performance anxiety is to look at the underlying causes of it, and that is exactly what Subconscious Surgery does”

Adrian Taffinder, Subconscious Surgery


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