Public Speaking? How Do You Connect With Your Audience?

Public Speaking? How Do You Connect With Your Audience?

When putting a speech or presentation together, or public speaking, we all too often forget that our audience needs to connect with us in order to understand our business.

This was demonstrated in an episode of The Apprentice some time ago. The candidates were given a corporate away day challenge.

One team hired a motivational speaker, whilst the other team impressed with candidate Neil Clough from Altrincham, who did the speaking himself.

HR Aspects Magazine spoke with Andrew Thorp from communication experts, . He explained that what made Neil’s speech impressive. “Neil was himself, he was open and passionate. He spoke about the death of his father at 18 and how it had deeply affected him, and taught him the importance of goal setting and finding motivation. This touched the audience and showed him in a transparent, authentic manner.

“Speaking in public takes a lot of courage but it’s the way you connect with people on a deeper level, which can generate trust and respect” Andrew concluded.

We also spoke with David Lomas, CEO of M3 Media Publishing. David has experience in all forms of communication including writing and motivational speaking on social media and content marketing.

He commented on how he believed a presentation should be constructed, in order to get the attention of the audience. “Any communication or presentation whether given to a live audience or via an article in a magazine, needs to be made up of distinct parts” said David.

He added: “We need to include an emotive message at the start of our presentation in order to gain the attention of the audience. This allows them to relate to your talk. We must also provide the ‘legacy’ of our story – allowing us to show the listener, what the result of our story was”.

David continued: “This is ideal when you are wanting to gain a response from the audience, as they have heard the success story but still need to know how they can achieve the same result. It leaves the crowd wanting more, as you might say”.


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