Qualifications Build Greater Professionalism for Recruiters

Qualifications Build Greater Professionalism for Recruiters

Recruiters need to be more recognised for their contribution to supporting human resource requirements by increasing their commitment to achieving accredited professional qualifications.

Azmat Mohammed, Director General of the Institute of Recruiters, IOR, believes that if the value of the service that recruiters provide can be enhanced by continual professional development:

“Recruitment can be seen as a sales-driven environment overlooking the fact that it is a profession with a key role of supporting clients with the growth and success of their businesses. Unlike other areas of human resources, the recruitment sector has been lacking structured qualifications. This can undermine perceptions of the industry as attending training courses is no substitute for achieving recognised professional qualifications.”

As part of its support to give more recognition to recruiters, the Institute of Recruiters, IOR has a programme of qualifications recognised by Ofqual, the government’s examination and qualification regulator. The certificates, diplomas and CPD courses provide those working in recruitment with the opportunity to achieve recognition for their skills and expertise.

Azmat adds: “The ability for personal development is vital for anyone who works in the recruitment sector and will increase overall professionalism. Being more aware of the role they play will help to improve customer service and satisfaction which can only be beneficial for all.”

The Institute of Recruiters (IOR) is a British Institute representing the highest standard mark in British recruitment. For further information please contact Azmat Mohammed, Director General on 0871 288 2108.