Recruiters – is Direct Resourcing more Effective than Outsourcing?

HR Direct ResourcingCost-effective and efficient recruitment solutions are key for any HR Department, particularly when working on multiple projects, often to tight deadlines and to strict and increasingly challenging budgets.

The challenges of identifying the best talent and candidates from the wider pools of applicants can lead to a reliance on recruitment agencies which, in turn, adds significant additional costs to hiring and quickly eats into HR/Recruitment budgets.

Recent shifts in corporate recruitment practices, often accompanied by smaller in-house HR Departments, has inevitably led some companies to outsource their recruitment. Occasionally, this reliance on a third party entrusted to make decisions about potential hires for a company can lead to a lack of control and concerns about whether the very best candidates have been successfully identified and engaged with. Can you be sure they fully understand your brief? Are you confident they will present your employer brand and the opportunity available as well as you could yourself?

HR Aspects NW Magazine recently spoke with Giles Heckstall-Smith, Commercial Director at Jobtrain e-recruitment Solutions, who gave us his expert advice on how recruiters can maintain ownership of recruitment and talent pools for future hiring, whilst operating within recruitment budgets.

Giles commented: “Adopting a direct resourcing strategy enables employers to work alongside specialist in-house recruiters, to reduce costs and ensure quality of hires and an ongoing and dedicated commitment to talent management. We deliver and support e-recruitment software solutions that underpin a direct sourcing strategy and help in-house recruiters to effectively recruit, whilst reducing time to hire, costs and reliance on recruitment agencies.”

“Working in partnership with our clients, we deliver fully branded online application forms and assessment questions, to provide a professional experience to applicants, whilst also identifying the strongest applicants early in the process.. We pride ourselves in the support and consultancy we offer, to ensure they have an online recruitment system that enables them recruit quickly, effectively and pro-actively.”

Giles continued: “One genuine benefit to our clients is that they maintain ownership of their own searchable candidate talent pools. They can use these for any future recruitment needs, saving them time and money.”

Giles Heckstall-Smith has been a specialist in advising on direct sourcing and implementing effective applicant tracking systems with Jobtrain Solutions for 10 years and is an expert in his field. For more information, contact Jobtrain via Tel: 818 234 or E-Mail: